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Make-Up Lesson Overview

Thursday, June 21, 2018 by Fitzsimmons, Ken | How to

I thought it might be a good idea to send you a brief reminder about how make-up lessons work. I know you get it in general, but sometimes situations come up that don't feel like they fit the instructions. So here are some higher level concepts to apply that will hopefully be helpful.

  • You have a set schedule that does not change
    • Your regular recurring lesson times should always appear on your calendar at the normal time whether the student attends or not.
    • Do not move or delete a recurring lesson.*
    • Question to ask yourself: Is this lesson deviating from the student's normal lesson time? If yes, then it's a make-up.
    • Every lesson you teach should be on your calendar.
  • The order of steps matters: Make-ups always start with an absence**
    • The first step for a make-up is to mark attendance on the missed lesson "Absent, Give Make-Up Credit ($)" or "Teacher Absent, Give Make-Up Credit ($)"
    • Then schedule the make-up and check the box for "Make-Up Credit Required."
    • Do these two steps in order whether the make-up occurs after or before the missed lesson.

*Unless they are ending lessons or permanently changing their regular time.
**If you give advance make-ups (also called preemptive make-ups), please see the reference guide for how to schedule those.