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Uploading Video for Virtual Student Jam

Monday, April 20, 2020 by Ken Fitzsimmons | Student Jam

***The following message is for all participants in the upcoming Virtual Student Jam.***


I'm contacting you because you have indicated that you are (or might be) participating in the Virtual Student Jam. We're excited! We've gotten a great response and have over 40 students signed up! Plus some of you will get to see your instructor participate.

Here are a couple notes about the recording:

  1. A video from your phone or tablet is great. Just remember you'll need a 2nd device to play the original recording.
  2. Wear headphones! We do not want to hear the original recording.
  3. If you need a version with a count in (i.e. you play on the first beat), you can stream one here. Password is The2010s
  4. Once you have a video ready to upload, please submit it here.
  5. Deadline: April 26. We'd love to get all the recordings by the date of the originally scheduled Student Jam. If you need more time, just let us know.

Questions? It's usually best to contact your instructor first. However, we're happy to help. Please email education@madisonmusicfoundry.com with any questions.


Ken Fitzsimmons
Education Director
Madison Music Foundry