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Transcription Services Are Here!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 by Madison Music Foundry | Uncategorized

Hello Foundry Family! We hope you've all been staying happy, healthy, and as sane as possible during these historic times. I am oftentimes jealous of dogs. All they know is that things are suddenly AWESOME. Sure, maybe they can't say hi to new friends on the sidewalks, but the entire family is home all day?! Dream come true!

However, there are still some awesome things happening for us musically-inclined people, too: Some of the Foundry instructors are now offering transcription services for hire!

As with lessons, these are services offered independently by instructors; if you have any questions about estimates, range of transcription, etc, please reach out to your preferred instructor directly.

Without further ado, I give you:

(In alphabetical order)

Josh Cohen:
What: Solos or ensembles, any instruments, and can include tablature for guitar/bass. Samples available upon request.
Cost: $30/hr; generally, a single part will take roughly an hour, while ensembles can take 4-15 hours. Email for estimate.
email: joshcohen@themusicofjoshcohen. com

Chris Di Bernardo:
What: Drum set, non-pitched percussion, and vocal rhythm/rhymes for rappers, MCs, etc
Cost: Directly related to the length and difficulty of the requested music. $20 minimum. Email for estimate.
email: cdibernardomusic@gmail.com

Jon Vriesacker:
What: Solos for any monophonic instrument (i.e. like a violin, which plays a single melody at a time, and not like a guitar or a piano, which also plays chords)
Cost: Minimum $25; price based on piece/song. Email or text with recording/link to song, and the time-range of the specific solo/melody to be transcribed.
email: vriesacker@mac.com
text: (608) 219-7668


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