Alex Linden Memorial Scholarship Application

Lesson Scholarship available for youth students.

To apply for a scholarship, please fill out this application within 3 weeks of when you are able to start weekly lessons.  Sign up today only if you are able to start within the next three weeks.  For example, if you want to start lessons in early-September, please wait until mid-August before signing up. We will be in contact once we've reviewed your application (usually about one week).

The scholarship is for youth ages 17 and under only. The application must be filled out by a parent or guardian and include an email address and a phone number.

Lessons normally cost $35 per half-hour session. They occur once per week at the same time each and every week (no exceptions). We do not provide "every other week" lessons. The scholarship provides $20 of this fee, leaving $15 per lesson to be paid by the student's family.

The first lesson is a trial lesson and payment for this single lesson is due at the time of the lesson. If you continue beyond the first lesson, then lessons are paid for via monthly tuition. All payments are made directly to your instructor. All in-person lessons take place at our facility located at 2818 Index Rd, Fitchburg, WI.

Please read our Lesson FAQs for complete details about our lessons before filling out this form.

For full terms and conditions of the scholarship, click here.